• How to beat Sugar craving

    Sugar Cravings- How to beat them?

    How to fight Sugar Cravings?    The people who are fighting the uphill battle against obesity know all too well that some common enemies are hard to defeat.  ‘Cravings’…

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  • Cinnamon for Weightloss

    Cinnamon and its Benefits, and its Role in Weight Loss

    Cinnamon is a spice that has fans all over the world. Who doesn’t like cinnamon right? It tastes well with savory food, it goes amazingly well with desserts, and…

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  • Climbing Stairs

    Is climbing stairs a better exercise than walking?

     Walking is the simplest and most cost-free exercise in the galaxy to have so many benefits! It can not only strengthen your muscles and help you lose weight but…

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  • Hypothyroidism and Metabolic Rate

    Hypothyroidism and How to Increase Metabolism

    Hypothyroidism is a common disease that causes a lot of discomfort and pain. If it is untreated, hypothyroidism could lead to several chronic diseases like obesity, joint pain, heart…

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  • Can I Lose Weight with the ‘One Meal A Day’ Diet

    OMAD. Is it effective? Is it easy? Yes. Instead of 3, eat just 1 meal. As the name suggests, One Meal A Day, or OMAD is a diet plan…

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  • Walking 10,000

    How does walking 10,000 steps a day help in weight loss?

    A 19th-century philosopher, Henry David Thoreau, once said, “An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day”. This couldn’t be much truer. Walking is the simplest exercise…

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  • Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

    Research has shown that fasting can have a significant effect on weight reduction. There are different types of fasting that you should undertake, with the most commonly practiced being…

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  • Insulin Resistance – Dr. Jason Fung

    Dr. Jason Fung is a leading nephrologist who has successfully treated numerous patients with diabetes and obesity. He also has been using fasting as a major tool in his…

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  • Dr. Jason Fung’s Guide to Fasting

      Jason Fung, nephrologist and best-selling author, shares his experiences utilising an individualised approach to fasting to successfully treat thousands of overweight, metabolically ill and diabetic patients and why…

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  • Dr. Jason Fung Talks about Fighting Insulin Resistance

    Will fasting help a healthy person live longer? What are the keys to a successful fast? Do we know the actual differences between time-restricted feeding, intermittent fasting, and dietary…

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