Sugar Cravings- How to beat them?

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How to beat Sugar craving
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How to fight Sugar Cravings?

How to beat Sugar craving


 The people who are fighting the uphill battle against obesity know all too well that some common enemies are hard to defeat.

 ‘Cravings’ is one such enemy, especially the craving for something sweet. No matter how strong your will is, there will be times when you will want to give in and enjoy that heavenly slice of cake.


 Why do we have sugar cravings?


 Oftentimes, sugar cravings can be explained by simple things, like a reaction to certain elements in your diet or a habit that has been programmed into your brain. It could also be your body’s reaction to a deficiency, or your energy levels being low. In your brain’s memory-making part the “hippocampus” there is something called a caudate nucleus. This influences your reward-seeking behavior, and it is responsible for forming new habits as well, like eating something sweet as you as you go back home. These habits are like responses that are conditioned, this means you don’t consciously think of doing it.


 There are some triggers in your diet as well, like not having enough protein. Protein can slow down the release of sugar in your bloodstream. So if your protein intake is low, your blood insulin levels can change abnormally, and when you have low blood sugar, you will crave sugar automatically.


 While it seems impossible to fight it, there are many tricks and tactics you can follow to keep cravings at bay. Let’s take a look at these tips and tricks that might help. 


 Tips to ward off the evil cravings for sugar:


  1. Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

 Chewing gum can help you trick your body into thinking it is full. Chewing gum also keeps your mouth busy, so you will not feel the craving to keep eating something.


  1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has been long praised for its many health benefits. One of these benefits is that it can be replaced with the less healthy milk chocolate, so if you are indulging, you are making the best of it.


  1. Fruit

 Speaking of replacing sweets of healthy things, fruits is one such option. Fruits can be healthy as well as tasty, ticking both the boxes on the checklist.



  1. Water

 You can teach yourself to control your craving, by drinking water whenever you feel the compulsive need to eat sugar. Water has 0 calories, it is a harmless liquid, and it can make you feel full. If you are full you will not feel the need to eat something anymore.

  1. Eating a full meal

 You can also consider going to the root of the problem and fulfilling all your dietary requirements. People who have full meals with all the essential nutrients, a balanced diet in other words, are much less likely to have any kind of cravings than others.


  1. Taking a hot shower [Really??!!] Sugar Craving

 This solution seems a little out of the box but it can be very useful for people who eat sugar habitually. You can try taking a hot shower at the time of the day when you crave sugar most, the wash can help refresh you and change your mindset. 


  1. Going for a walk

 Not only will the walk help you get your mind off of sweets, but it can also help you feel better in general. Walking or any form of brisk exercise releases endorphins in your body, so you won’t feel the need to satiate your brain anymore.



 Sugar cravings can be very difficult to fight, but they are not impossible to stave off. If you keep yourself engaged and remind yourself of the reasons why you are not having sugar, you can definitely win this fight.

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