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  • Dr Jason Fung on Ketogenic diet, Fasting and Exercise

    We are talking to Dr. Jason Fung Canadian nephrologist world-leading expert on intermittent fasting and low carb essentially for treating people with type 2 diabetes.    What is Ketosis?…

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  • Bariatric surgery

    Weight loss Surgery and Diabetes

      What does Dr. Jason Fung think about weight loss surgeries? We do know that when people had weight-loss surgery, like banding or stapling, they come out of diabetes,…

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  • Can Type II Diabetes be Reversed without Medication?

    Type II Diabetes has become a major chronic disease being prevalent all around the world. An estimated 473 million people have been found affected by this diabetes, with the…

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  • Dr. Jason Fung’s “2 Ways to Cure Diabetes”

    What if someone told you that there are two ways, just two natural and gratuitous ways, to manage diabetes, treat obesity, and regulate metabolic activities in your body? Dr….

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