Weight loss Surgery and Diabetes

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Bariatric surgery
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  What does Dr. Jason Fung think about weight loss surgeries?

Bariatric surgery

We do know that when people had weight-loss surgery, like banding or stapling, they come out of diabetes, how does that work?

Dr. Jason Fung answers:

Yeah, that is a very interesting question. You can take a man who is say, 500 pounds, with the worst type 2 diabetes and within a month he’ll be off all his medications and non-diabetic, and he’ll still weigh 450 pounds. The point is that if you severely limit the amount of food that somebody can eat, such as with the weight-loss surgery, then the body is forced to burn all the sugar and as it burns all the sugar the diabetes goes away.
What it tells us is that type 2 diabetes is almost always a reversible condition, and that is an important point. Most diabetes associations will tell you the opposite. Doctors will tell you that, it is a chronic and progressive condition. And that is because you are using drugs instead of the diet. The disease progresses, if you are using the wrong treatment. The right treatment is dietary in nature. Now obviously surgery is not dietary, but it has a huge impact. Surgery is done to severely limit the diet. Then you fix the diet then the disease goes away. The takeaway is that it is a reversible condition. Do not treat it like it is inevitable.

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