2 Steps to Control your Weight/Weight Loss Motivation

How to lose weight fast? How to lose weight easily?

Kyle Sterling from PhysioChains Education shares a few tricks to help with your weight loss.
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Hey, folks, it’s Carl over Sterling Helper Fitness. Thanks for tuning in. The Question of the Day today that I would like you to think about is, “Am I really hungry?” Why are we talking about this? Well, I am going to discuss why, when, and how you’re going to use that question, I hope, in your weight loss goal, if you have a weight loss goal. This applies to people with the goals of losing weight and those
who also want to redistribute weight.
Let’s start from the beginning. There are many out there who are on a weight-loss mission and to lose weight. Many people need to lose, but they’re stuck. They hit a plateau. They can’t seem to get past a certain point, and they know they have more to go. OK, that’s one group of people. Now another group of people is those whose weight is suitable for their size, height, and overall physique. It’s more so like where the weight resides in their body that they wish to shift.
You know, their body fat is maybe a little bit high, and they want to change that into muscle. For instance, they want to lose like five, six, seven, eight pounds of fat, but they want to build the muscle to replace that fat. So, we’re going to weigh the same but with lower body fat and higher muscle.
All right. So, in either case, you know, we need to eat a certain way to achieve this. Your physique is going to be determined by your dietary lifestyle. I would say your dietary lifestyle determines at least 70 percent of your physique. So, you may be eating healthy. You may be eating all these great foods.
However, there is a possibility that you can’t get past this point. Like, let’s say you’re stuck, you’re stuck at a plateau.
“I can’t get below this weight” or” I can’t change my body fat fast enough in the muscle”. You have to ask yourself any time you think you’re hungry. I want you to play this question of “Am I really hungry?” There are many when we believe we are hungry, but we’re not. Our bodies aren’t hungry. Its the stress, sadness, depression, anxiety, the moods that make us do stuff. You know, we may be emotional eaters.
We may hit the refrigerator every time we have a terrible day. You’re in a bad mood, or something happens that makes us sad or whatever. Maybe we’re having trouble in the relationship. We’re having trouble at work. We’re having the anxiety, and the stress is just building up. So, to feed ourselves something pleasurable, we habitually go over to the refrigerator or the pantry or whatever, and we start eating.
OK, if you think you’re hungry, you have one of those hunger attacks, “I want food”. There are two steps to this, the first of two steps.

Step one, Wait ten minutes. Just wait. If the urge to eat passes, you
aren’t really hungry. If the urge doesn’t pass, step two. Drink a big glass of water, like on top of like 16 ounces, not like four, five, six, seven ounces. 16 ounces. Drink it. Wait for another ten minutes.
If you’re hungry, then it’s time to eat. I mean, we do know we have to eat to survive. And our body needs nutrient-dense foods. We want to be eating healthy foods. But you realize that even if you eat too many healthy foods, it’s calorie intake. If you don’t burn more than you consume, even unhealthy food consumption, you can gain weight. All right. So that’s it, folks.

In a nutshell

Step one, wait ten minutes. Don’t do anything if theurge passes, great. You aren’t really hungry.

Step two, drink a glass of water if step one doesn’t work.
Drink a glass of water, remember big glass, 16 ounces or more. You wait ten minutes after that.

If you’re hungry, eat. All right. It’s just another way to tweak things folk. This way you can lose weight easily.

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