Weight Loss Surgeries in Mexico

People who opt for weight-loss surgeries, generally, come under the extreme side of obesity. Even doctors and surgeons who do the surgeries have conditions like the patient’s BMI being more than 35 to perform weight-loss surgery. Apart from the severity of their obesity, people who need weight-loss surgery also face many comorbid conditions, like diabetes, high or low blood pressure, and high risks of heart disease. Therefore, weight loss surgery is no longer a luxury or a matter of choice, but a necessity to ensure people’s wellbeing.

Since surgery becomes inevitable, and a matter of urgency, people who need it find themselves in a very vulnerable position.  They are vulnerable because of the cost of bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery is not cheap, and you are in a tougher situation if you do not have healthcare insurance coverage. 

 In America, obesity has been on the upwards trend for a long while and the lifestyle of the average American makes them easily prone to obesity. In a country where obesity is so prevalent, the cost of bariatric surgery is very expensive, making the life-saving procedure inaccessible to so many people who need it.

 Alternative option

 Being denied affordable medical care is what drives a lot of people to look for alternative options, and one such option is Mexico. The cost of bariatric surgery is only a fraction of the cost of the same medical procedures in the United States. 

 Naturally, people who require the surgery are forced to consider all available options for them including undergoing weight-loss surgery in Mexico.  

 This is the reason why weight-loss surgery in Mexico has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. 


The approximate cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico is anywhere between $3000 and $4000, which is drastically cheaper than in the USA. This is the main reason people go in for this option.

 Why is it Cheaper?

Surgeon Qualification

 As opposed to the extremely strict and clear regulations in the United States when it comes to surgeries, the Mexican regulation system is much more lax. The doctors who are performing the weight-loss surgeries might not even be qualified to do these types of surgeries because they might not have done the specialization required. This means hiring doctors can be much cheaper for hospitals.

 No Accountability

 Another reason why it is easier to hire doctors for hospitals can be the fact that doctors in Mexico face different legal consequences than doctors in the United States for things like medical negligence. Since you won’t be carrying insurance with you, you will be forced to bear the brunt if there are any complications in your bariatric surgery.

Unsanitary Conditions

 Even though their advertisements claim to have sanitary and hygienic conditions, as sensible adults we can infer that not all advertisements can be believed blindly. Sterile instruments and a sterile operation theatre cannot be guaranteed in Mexico, whereas in the United States there are dedicate regulatory bodies for these matters.


 Tijuana, Mexico is a popular option for Americans when it comes to bariatric surgeries. But not many people are aware that it is one of the least safe places for bariatric surgeries as well. There are many example cases of obese people seeking surgery In Tijuana, only to end up with extreme complications that occur post-surgery. These complications sometimes cost more than what the surgery would have originally cost in the United States. One such major complication is Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, which is a drug-resistant bacteria that you can contract if the surgery environment is not sterile.

 While we can’t claim that all of your options in Mexico are harmful and put your life at risk, it is imperative for you to do your research, because it is more important to save your life than to save some money.

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