Health Benefits of a High-Fiber Diet

What is fibre?

Plant and vegetable carbohydrate roughages that can easily smoothly pass through the digestive system without being broken down by enzymes are known as fibres. Fibres are present only in natural plant based items, which means any kind of meat, sugar or diary product has no fibre even if they are taken in copious amounts. Fibres have no nutrients and no calories. They not do help in adding energy to the body as well. However, fibres constitute most part of healthy diets. Especially for diets aimed at weight loss. 

The fibre benefits

If you want to discuss about diabetes, heart disease, weight loss or the health of your gut, skin and heart then you might have already done your research on the benefits and need for fibre in our diets. There are scientific evidences on how fibre helps to amortise the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the bad cholesterol in the body. They also help to prevent type 2 diabetes by reducing the rate of absorption of glucose or sugar into the blood. Moreover, fibre acts as a body detox and that can get rid of toxins that are responsible for acnes and other skin problems.

A high fibre diet accelerates weight loss.

Firstly, fibre is the miracle worker for your gut! Fibres are indigestible. A high fibre diet helps reduce the gastric acid impact on the walls of the stomach which in turn reduces the risk of any surfacing ulcers or gastrointestinal disorders. In the intestines, fibre helps in facilitating the smooth flow of waste by bulking up and regularising the bowel movements. This helps to prevent colon irritations that lead to constipation and diarrhoea.

There are two types of fibre – the soluble fibre and the insoluble fibre –  based upon its solubility in water. Vegetables and whole grains are rich in insoluble fibre which prevents constipation while nuts and fruits are rich in soluble fibre which can decrease excessive glucose absorption into the blood. 

A fibre rich diet can fill you up and suppress your appetite. It would definitely help you avoid binge eating or overeating. And since fibre has no calories, you can expect to lose weight successfully by following this diet. It can also help to stay fit and slimmer naturally in the long run. Fibre diets are highly recommended along with intermittent fasting because the fibre takes significant time to pass completely through the digestive system thus keeping your stomach engaged for a long time.

You have to consciously choose food items that are high in fibre because not all fibre based foods can give you an adequate amount of fibre that you need! So make sure to mix a lot of beans, avocado, lentils, bran, raspberries, sweet potato, fruits, corn and other vegetables in your diet to cleanse your gut and give your body the relief it needs, every day.

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