How to Suppress your Appetite

The right ways to reduce appetite:

It is a superpower to be able to say no to second servings of food; some of us have it, a lot of us just cave-in to our weakness. But to be able to achieve that weight-goal you have set yourself, you need to keep two words in mind- Portion Control. Portion control is the uncanny ability to restrict yourself from having more food than your diet allows you to (yes, even if it is your favorite dish). Portion Control is imperative for you to achieve your fitness goals, because of the simple biological equation;

 To lose weight, The number of calories you consume < the number of calories you burn.


 However, Portion Control has a nemesis that could potentially ruin all of your effort in the journey to fitness. It is called appetite. Appetite strikes when you are hungry and at your weakest, but also when you see or smell or even think of scrumptious food. Appetite is what makes you eat that last slice of pizza even though you are full. 

 Appetite has a particularly strong effect on those who are on a diet plan, especially on people who are fasting. 

 How do I beat appetite?

 Although self-control is a mindset and an attitude, not all are bestowed with the strongest of wills, especially not when it comes to food. That being said, there are certain tactics that you could follow, that would give you a head-start over a strong appetite. These tricks might help you stay on track with your diet plan if followed diligently.

 1. Drinking water before a meal:

 This might seem like a no-brainer. The best way to stave off appetite is by having a feeling of fullness, and water is the easiest way to do it. Drinking water before a meal might help decrease hunger and lead to us having less on our plate, literally and figuratively.

 2. Eating Protein-rich food:

 Protein is a component that takes a lot of energy for your digestive system to break down, so it takes a long while. This means your stomach feels fuller for a longer period, making you less susceptible to hunger before your next meal. Furthermore, protein is also extremely effective for, weight-loss of its own right. Protein allows you to retain muscle mass while losing a lot of carbohydrate calories.

 3. Eating Fiber-rich food:

 Fiber is generally divided into two categories; Soluble fiber and Insoluble fiber. While insoluble fiber acts as a bulking agent and provides relief for constipation, soluble fiber does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to weight-loss. Soluble fiber mixes with water and forms a viscous gel. This viscous gel slows down the digestive process, ultimately leading to a feeling of fullness for a long period. Barley, oatmeal, beans, and nuts are good examples of soluble fibers.

 4. Eating (or even smelling!) dark chocolate:

Studies have shown that the stearic acid in dark chocolate helps in slowing digestion. The bitterness of dark chocolate, combined with stearic acid, reduces appetite and curtails cravings for sweets. Intriguingly, appetite can also be suppressed by smelling dark chocolate to the same effect.

 5. Drinking Coffee:

 Drinking coffee is said to help reduce hunger by considerable amounts. A lot of us might replace coffee for a meal when we are on our toes. The science behind this is the fact that coffee releases the peptide YY (PYY). These peptides are believed to play an important role in how much we eat. This is one of the hormones that are released in your stomach, as a response to your stomach being full.

 6. Herbal tea:

 Some herbal teas available commercially are marketed as an appetite suppressor. They help reduce your hunger when you are fasting or when your stomach is empty. This could prove as an effective tool for weight-loss as it is an easy, on-the-go solution.

 7. Eating Ginger:

 Ginger is an all-rounder when it comes to spices with numerous medicinal and nutritional properties. Ginger helps with blood sugar levels, reducing nausea, inflammation, etc. Research has also shown that ginger could effectively reduce hunger when taken right before a meal. 

 8. Eating on smaller plates:

 Unlike the other tricks mentioned here, this one is purely psychological. When we eat with smaller plates, we tend to reduce the portions of what we eat. This could prove very useful in the wrong run as it is a seamless way to exercise portion control. 

 In general, hunger can be reduced and appetite diminished if we are consistent in our efforts and stay strong in our resolve to adhere to our diets. As always, diets perform best when coupled with the effects of exercise. So exercise (which is a means to reduce appetite by itself), diet, and an effective way to reduce appetite can take you all the way across to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

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