Women’s Metabolism- How to Increase It

Knowing Women’s Metabolism and How to make your Metabolism work for you

 Metabolism is any and all chemical reactions that happen in our bodies to keep our living cells, well, living. There are two types of metabolism; Catabolism- which is the breaking down of molecules to obtain energy, and then there is Anabolism – which is the synthesis of all the compounds that the cells need. 

 I am not a doctor, why should I know this?

 Yes, it might seem like the answer to a trivia question, but metabolism is an important subject for all of us, especially those of us who are trying to get on the fitness wagon. 

 Metabolism is the process through which your body converts food into energy. In this complex biological process, the calories in your food and drinks are mixed with oxygen to generate the energy for your bodily functions. Even when you are not doing any physical activity, all the unseen functions in your body, such as blood circulation, breathing, cell growth, etc. take up a considerable amount of energy. The number of calories that are required to fulfill the needs of these functions can be defined as the basal metabolic rate, or what we generally call metabolism.  

 There is a general rule of thumb that says if your muscle mass is more, your metabolism is higher. Going by this logic, muscular people have a higher metabolism than others; men, in average, burn more calories due to metabolism than women, because men have more muscle and less body fat percent than women of the same age; older people have a reduced metabolism because of muscle degeneration caused by age. 

 By its very nature, metabolism is a tool to help burn calories. So if you are trying to reduce your body weight, making full use of this tool can help you along tremendously in your endeavors.

 Women and metabolism:

 Biologically, the human body has evolved differently in men and women, partly due to the main difference in the male and female hormones; Testosterone and Estrogen. It has been found that testosterone plays a role in retaining muscle mass and burning more calories, which means men inherently have an upper hand when it comes to maintaining a high metabolic rate. Estrogen, on the other hand, drops considerably after women reach the age of 40. This drop in the estrogen level causes a chain-reaction where your insulin levels rise naturally and your thyroid levels reduce. This is a lethal combination for weight-watchers because it increases appetite significantly. Apart from this, the fact that through all age-groups, men, in general, tend to have more lean muscles than women of the same age means women’s basal metabolism rate usually lags a step behind. 

 So how do I level the balance? How do I increase my metabolism rate?

 Apart from playing an important role in weight loss, a high metabolism rate can give you loads of energy and make you feel better. Here are some tips to get started by increasing your metabolism rate.

1. Increasing your Protein Intake:

 Eating any food can increase your metabolism rate for a few hours, because of the energy needed for the digestive process. Different types of food have different levels of impact on the metabolism caused by the digestive system (which is called the Thermic effect of food or TEF). It has been found that protein leads to the highest increase in metabolism by TEF. 

 2. Drinking Green Tea:

 Studies have shown that green tea has the capacity to increase your metabolism by 4-5%. As it is a very low-calorie drink, it is very effective in suppressing appetite and helpful in reducing your caloric intake. Green tea also helps burn fat easier by converting the fat stored in your body into free fatty acids. 

 3. Resistance Training and Weight-lifting:

 As we have seen, muscle plays a pivotal role in your metabolism rates. Resistance training and weight-lifting are some of the most efficient ways to build muscle and retain muscle mass. It is also important to ensure our weight-loss doesn’t lead to muscle loss because that, in turn, would lead to a decrease in metabolism rate.

 4. Performing High-Intensity Training: 

 High-intensity training, or High-intensity interval training, is a method where you engage in exercises with bursts of energy with small breaks in between. For example, sprinting for 2 minutes, taking a break for a minute, and sprinting again, repeating the cycle; this is a form of High-Intensity Interval Training. This form of exercise has proven to be very productive because it leaves your muscles depleted of oxygen, burning more calories for energy. This anaerobic nature of the exercise leaves your metabolism rate very high for long periods.

 5. Standing up more:

 This might seem too simplistic to be true, but it has proven advantages. Studies have shown that those who stand up more regularly than those who sit down have a higher metabolism rate. So if you have a desk job, or someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle, consider standing up and stretching your legs more often, perhaps even walking around for a short while. 

These techniques can show maximum benefit when you combine them with a smart, balanced diet and a targeted workout regime. You can make your metabolism rate work for you, and you can make it work wonders, by following a few simple steps.

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