Body Belief Tea with Journal, Workbook and Audio Weight Loss Program

 Are you a seasoned seeker of fitness, but have remained only a seeker so far? Are you
someone who has tried various approaches to attaining your ideal fitness to no avail? Or is this
your first shot at weight-loss and do you want to get it right from the get-go? 
 Either way, I am here to share my experience of a program that uses multiple tools
simultaneously to not only reach your ideal body-weight but to help you transform into a
a healthier person, both physically and mentally. This program is called the Body Belief Program,
which offers you the Body Belief Tea, journal, workbook along with an audio weight loss
 My first encounter with Body Belief:
 I was looking for a healthy tea that would help me suppress my appetite when I first came
across the Body Belief Program. My first thoughts were that this seems like a novel approach to
an age-old problem; stubborn, adamant fat. If it were as easy as following a few instructions,
sipping tea, and jotting down my thoughts for just 90 days, no harm in giving it a try, right? If it
works out, well and good, if it doesn’t, no harm no foul. What I did not know at the time was
that I had finally arrived at exactly what my body and my mind required; a complete
transformation. A transformation of my body, of my mind, of my attitude towards fitness and
my approach to taking care of myself. What most of us don’t understand is that a
transformation of the body alone is not long-lasting. That is why we are constantly unhappy
with our workouts and diets, and they all seem ineffective, once the initial phase of the weight-
loss has passed and your fat is restored to all its glory. Body Belief Program believes in holistic
change, and that fitness truly begins at a sub-conscious level. During the course of the ninety-
day program, I could feel myself go from impulsive, mindless consumption to conscious and
mindful eating. My body started feeling light and I had so much energy through-out the day.
 What can you expect from the Program?
 The Daily Transformation Journal:
 This is a journal where you can keep track of your progress in your Body Belief Program for 90
days. The journal allows you to track how much water you are drinking, the supplements you
are taking, all of your meals and snacks. There is also space in the journal for you to record your
exercise regimen, which allows you to keep track of your workouts. There is a lot more in the
journal that is useful for your mental progress as well, such as affirmation about yourself.
Body Belief Workbook and Audio Course:
 The Body Belief Program also offers an audio course which includes 4 CDs that have a
phenomenal effect on your mindset that sabotages all your weight-loss efforts. It also comes
with an attitude changing exercise workbook, which helps you realize what has been holding
you back from your fitness goals, how you can overcome it, and truly get your subconscious on
board in your journey to fitness. The workbook and the audio course are meant to be used
simultaneously with the journal to bring out the best in the program. Ultimately, the course has
helped me discover my fat triggers, and it doesn’t stop at that. After helping you realize your

emotions towards food, it also helps you change your reactions to the triggers, which is the
best part. 
 Slimming Detox day tea:
 This is a loose-leaf tea which is a blend of oolong and green tea leaves. The day tea helps
remove toxins from our body without the use of any laxative ingredients. The oolong leaves
also help increase metabolism, which increases our energy levels and helps with the digestive
process. The tea has a very soothing taste that makes your stomach feel very relaxed and
Craving Control Night tea:
 The Night tea leaves contain a mix of rooibos tea leaves and chamomile, which is a delightful
combination to help unwind at the end of the day. The specialty of this tea is that it helps in
gently suppressing appetite, so your craving for dessert (or any carbs or sweets) every night can
be curtailed easily with this tea. This is due to the tea’s ability to remove cortisol and adrenaline
both of which are stress hormones. 
 My Transformation:
 The multi-pronged holistic approach to fitness has helped me successfully target my excess
body fat, moreover, it has helped me address my attitude towards food, dieting, and my
general well-being. It has helped me overcome the inconsistency in my efforts and thus helped me make all of my efforts fruitful.

Body Belief Tea with Journal, Workbook and Audio Weight Loss Program
Body Belief Tea with Journal, Workbook and Audio Weight Loss Program

  • Complete 90 Day Weight Loss, Body Image and Life Transformation System
  • Includes Tea, Journal, Workbook, Audio Course & Bonus Cravings CD to propel your success.
  • Detox Day Time Tea and Craving Control Night Tea help boost metabolism and promote relaxation.
  • Step by step workbook & journal allow you to uncover and resolve subconscious obstacles to your success.
  • Overall improved sense of well being and a slimmer you.

Welcome to the complete Body Belief Body Transformation System!

It takes 21 days to make a new habit but it takes 90 days to make a lasting change. The Body Belief Transformation System is a 90 day program combining our daily tea, audio course with workbook & transformation journal that will help you transform yourself from the inside out.
We all know that eating less and moving more results in weight loss but why doesn’t it last or why do we put the weight back on? Studies have shown that we go back to old habits and old ways of thinking that got us where we were to begin with. The Body Belief Transformation Journal will help you change your subconscious mind and put new habits and thinking into place for a new you!

Our Complete Body Belief Transformation System includes:

The daily Transformation Journal with space to track water, supplements, meals, snacks, workouts, affirmations, and so much more. You will find long lasting weight loss with ease using our system!
Body Belief Workbook & Audio Course includes 4 CDs and a workbook to use in conjunction with our daily Body Belief Transformation Journal. Are you an emotional or stress eater? What triggers your eating or feelings? In this course you will discover your fat triggers and become educated on how to change your reactions.
Our premium, loose leaf tea includes a SLIMMING DAY TEA with a special blend of luxury oolong & green tea leaves. The day tea helps cleanse your body of toxins gently without laxative ingredients. Oolong also boosts the metabolism & increases energy, plus aids in digestion.
Our CRAVING CONTROL NIGHT TEA is a special blend of premium rooibos & chamomile which safely suppresses appetite for sweets and carbs at night. The Night Tea also helps you relax cleansing your body of cortisol & adrenaline, the stress hormones responsible for increased appetite related to stress.

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