Coconut Oil and its Health Benefits

coconut oil health benefits

Different cultures have integrated different products availed from nature into their lifestyle over the ages.  One such product of nature is coconut oil. Coconut oil is a commonplace ingredient in many households and it has a lot of reasons to be so. Indian cuisine uses coconut oil extensively, for its taste and nutritional value.

Let’s put coconut oil’s popularity to test

Why is it such a celebrated commodity?
Coconut oil has a whole list of benefits that justify its popularity, and it has a whole range of value, from cosmetic to medicinal.

Skin Benefits

1) Moisturize your Skin

Coconut oil can be an amazing moisturizer for dry skin, especially elbows and knees. It can also be used for the face but it is not recommended for people with oily skin as this might make the condition worse.
Coconut oil is also useful to treat cracked heels, when applied consistently.

2) Help Bruises and Scrapes
It has been found that coconut oil helps with the production of collagen. Collagen is a component of the skin that helps with repairing the upper layers of skin. If it is a minor wound, you can apply coconut oil to help it recover quickly.

3) Reduce Skin Irritation
Since moisturizers are effective in helping with skin irritation, dermatitis and other skin disorders, coconut oil is a natural option. Coconut oil can be used for immediate relief and to help reduce the condition by applying regularly.

Health Benefits

1) Increase Your Metabolism
Some fatty acids can be absorbed very quickly by your digestive system and this will help in increasing the number of calories your body burns through metabolism. Coconut oil contains something called Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) and Long-Chain Triglycerides (LCT). MCT is a well-known fatty acid, and it is a fatty acid that can be absorbed easily. Therefore coconut oil can be very useful to improve your metabolism.

2) Maintain Dental Health
This is a benefit that most people find surprising. Coconut oil has a proven ability to fight bacteria. Using coconut oil to gargle everyday can help reduce your risk of getting dental diseases such as plaque, gum disease and tooth decay, since most dental diseases are caused by bacteria.

3) Improving Brain Function
Ketone is an important element in healthy brain function as it serves as a source of alternative energy to the brain. The MCT found in coconut oil is broken down by the liver and then it is turned into ketone. This means that regular consumption of coconut oil can lead to better brain function.

4) Better Liver Health
Research done on animals has shown that coconut oil can be very useful to combat liver damage. The saturated fats found in coconut oil helps protect the liver from damage done by alcohol or exposure to toxins.

Coconut Oil for Hair
One popular use for coconut oil is applying it to the hair. Coconut is effective in reducing protein loss in hair. The lauric acid in coconut oil gives it the ability to be absorbed easily into the hair shaft, when compared to other natural oils.

Coconut oil comes with a whole basket of benefits, and it can be used by anybody who would like to  reap the benefits of coconut oil. 

Coconut Oil – 100% Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Promotes Cholesterol Health, Weight Loss, Immune Support, Brain Health – Emerald Laboratories (Fruitrients) – 120 Softgels
Coconut Oil - 100% Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Promotes Cholesterol Health, Weight Loss, Immune Support, Brain Health - Emerald Laboratories (Fruitrients) - 120 Softgels

  • SUPPORTS OVERALL HEALTH: This superfood supports the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body from the inside out. Coconut oil contains Lauric acid, which may help bring down high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • IMMUNE & DIGESTIVE SYSTEM SUPPORT: It also promotes memory and brain functioning, assists the immune and digestive systems, facilitates the absorption of Calcium for stronger bones and teeth, and aids in relieving anxiety and stress.
  • REJUVENATES AND MOITURIZES SKIN & HAIR: Your skin will glow as our cold-pressed oil penetrates and softens the surface and in the layers below. Coconut Oil helps nourish and strengthen your hair, leaving it shiny and healthy.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Dietary supplement guaranteed to be FREE of milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, yeast, gluten, artificial flavors or preservatives. Gluten-Free, No Magnesium Stearate, No Additives or Fillers, No Flow Agents.
  • THE EMERALD LABORATORIES MISSION/PROMISE: Emerald Laboratories is committed to creating only clean, additive-free products. You can be 100% certain that our ingredients are offered to you in the purest form possible.

Our coconut oil is cold pressed and not hydrogenated, containing only pure unadulterated coconut oil. It is a healthy form of saturated fat that does not elevate “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and has the most medium chain fatty acids (Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCT) of any oil in nature. Helps promote cholesterol health, healthy weight loss, intestinal & immune system support, as well as promote brain (cognitive) halth.

Emerald Laboratories is formulated by Dr. Mark Stengler, Author of Prescription for Natural Cures. Dr. Stengler validates all Emerald Laboratories products with the help of blood panels drawn from patients in his La Jolla, CA medical practice.

Known as America’s Natural Doctor to his patients, readers and audiences across North America, Mark Stengler is a licensed naturopathic medical doctor. He is also a well-known author and lecturer with expertise in nutrition, herbal therapy, vitamin therapy, homeopathy, natural hormone replacement and integrated medicine. His passion is to combine the best of conventional and natural medicine to achieve optimized health for his patients. Dr. Stengler has personally formulated each of the new Emerald Laboratories Condition-Specific products according to the high standards of his health practice.

Emerald Laboratories products are: Raw Whole-Food Based Formulas for Enhanced Absorption & Bioavailability. Formulated by Dr. Mark Stengler. Therapeutic Doses with Clinical Results. 100% Additive-Free – No Magnesium Stearate. Gluten-Free Formulas. Purity Tested – cGMP Certified Facility. Every Product in Vegetable Capsules.

All Emerald (Ultra) Laboratories products are produced at Emerald (Ultra) Laboratories in our own cGMP-Certified Facility in Carson, CA. Emerald (Ultra) Laboratories has an “in-house” laboratory where ALL raw ingredients are tested. We also test ALL finished goods for any microbial and pathogenic contamination.

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