Tangerine Oil and its Benefits

For every chemical product that is available in the market, there exists a natural alternative. A little research and proper understanding of the product will help us to achieve the desired effects. People would have heard about the horse, hemp, olive, lavender oil, etc.… Many would be aware of its benefits as well. But have you heard about the oil extracted from the citrus fruits loaded with numerous benefits? Continue reading this to know more about it.

What is Tangerine Oil?

Tangerine oil is obtained from the Citrus reticulata, a citrus tree whose fruits look similar to orange, both in appearance as well as in taste. Generally found in subtropical and tropical areas, it is commonly known as the mandarin orange. One of the hybrid varieties of this mandarin orange is tangerine. And this tangerine oil is obtained from its peel, either by cold process or steam distillation. 

Uses of Tangerine Oil:

This tangerine has all nutritious value akin to its citrus family. Not only rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin C but also folate, primarily responsible for tissue and cell growth. It also contains d-limonene, whose potential effects are being tested in a clinical trial to prove its efficacy. Nonetheless, tangerine oil itself holds significant benefits. First, one is for the treatment of hair. The d-limonene in the oil prevents 5 alpha-reductase accumulation. This alpha-reductase is mainly responsible for weaker hair, hair loss as it blocks the essential mineral and nutrients reaching the hair follicle.

Since it penetrates deeply into the scalp without clogging any pores, it helps in reviving the blood circulation, thereby nourishing the hair follicles. Ultimately, it helps in good hair growth.

Skin-Care Benefits:

Tangerine oil is naturally blessed with antibacterial and antioxidant properties which help to remove bacteria on the skin when applied. Since it contains folates, many people use this for treating a minor wound in the skin as it aids healing. Similar to other oil, tangerine oil also helps to balance the oil in the skin. Therefore, it results in reducing blemishes. But it is essential to stay away from direct sunlight when applied to our skin. It is because of increased photosensitivity of the skin, which may lead to blisters or skin irritation.

Tangerine Oil for Weight Loss:

Tangerine oil could stimulate our metabolism, paving the way for burning off more fat. So, this could lead to reduced weight and sometimes reduced cholesterol levels as well. But one should not mistake tangerine oil to help us directly in weight loss. Only when augmented with regular exercise and proper diet, one could see the effects of weight loss.

The End Result:

Tangerine oil is non-toxic oil found to be safe for all skin types. Its antioxidant and other properties help us to get rid of any bacteria or toxins on the skin. Therefore, it is amicable to use. If you still have doubts, do get consulted with an expert and get started using this oil to attain the desired results.

Tangerine Oil, 100% Pure – One Of The Popular Essential Oils For Weight Loss And Immune Boost, 15 mL
Tangerine Oil, 100% Pure - One Of The Popular Essential Oils For Weight Loss And Immune Boost, 15 mL

  • DIGESTION AND DETOX are two more reasons clients will ask for this Best Grade Tangerine!
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It’s rare for us at deSensua to recommend any essential oil for WEIGHT LOSS, yet for tangerine we’ll make an exception!

Aromatherapy with this increasingly-popular citrus oil is known to regulate and boost our metabolic rate, meaning you’ll later burn more calories for the exact same level of activity!

It gets even better, as this tangerine oil contains a flavonoid named Nobiletin. Scientists investigating the effects of Nobiletin tested it on mice, and the results were miraculous, including stimulating gene expression to burn fat AND suppressing the genes which store fat (win win!), protection against fatty liver, increased insulin sensitivity and it even prevents arterial plaque buildup! Those results are simply stunning, but the advantages of tangerine don’t end there…

It’s no secret that many of us could do with a good DETOX, and most of us suffer from low-level disease and inflammation, so it’s great to know tangerine oil helps with both of those too. It starts from the very beginning, as it IMPROVES DIGESTION while boosting your immune system, helping you all the way through to DETOXIFICATION.

We believe this Best Grade tangerine is one of the very best “under the radar” essential oils that money can buy, and because the fruits are grown right here in the USA we’ve kept it VERY affordable for you! Like all our Best Grades it comes with our 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee, because we’re sure you’ll absolutely adore this home-grown essential oil.

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