Weight Loss Surgeries: Options, Merits, and Risks

bariatric surgery candidates

Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure done on obese people to help them lose weight rapidly. It is a procedure done for people who are at a great health risk and need external processes for their safety and wellbeing. 

 Bariatric surgery is also done to bring down co-morbid conditions like type 2 diabetes, extremely obese people have high chances of such conditions. There are different types of bariatric surgeries with varying benefits and risks. 

 Given the invasive nature of these surgeries, it is important to keep caution and evaluate all the benefits and risks carefully

 It can essentially be a life-saving procedure and give a major upper hand in the fight against obesity. But there are considerable risks as well such as malnutrition, bowel obstructions, frequent vomiting, hernias, and more. 

 There are 2 kinds of bariatric surgery: Restrictive Weight Loss Surgery and Malabsorptive Weight Loss Surgery. Some surgeries have a combination of these 2 types.

 Restrictive Weight Loss Surgery

 Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

 This surgery is generally done in the laparoscopic method, which means small incisions are made and a scope(a small camera mounted on a tube) inserted into the abdomen. With the help of the camera, around 80% of the stomach is removed, and the rest of the stomach looks like a long sleeve or a banana. 

 Reducing the size of the stomach means the amount of food you can consume is reduced. The procedure also leads to changes in hormones that will help with weight loss. 

 Recovery time: It could take 2-3 weeks for a patient to recover, sometimes even up to 6 weeks. Success Rate: It has an approximate success rate of 80-90%

 Cost: The average cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery is 14,900 American Dollars. 

 Gastric Band surgery

 In this surgery, a gastric band made of silicone is placed around the upper part of the stomach, under anesthesia, which will decrease the size of the stomach and the quantity of food it holds as well. A tube is connected to the band, and the end of the other end of the tube is accessible through a port. This port and the tube is used to inflate the silicone band, thereby tightening the stomach pouch. This procedure helps in reducing your appetite considerably, and to restrict the quantity of food you eat.

 Recovery time: It could take 1 week to go back to work and up to 6 weeks to resume normal activity.

 Success rate: The success rate of this surgery varies a lot from patient to patient based on post-surgical complications and follow-ups.

Cost: The cost of this procedure ranges from 9000 to 18000 American Dollars.

 Malabsorptive Weight Loss Surgery

 BilioPancreatic Diversion 

 In this procedure, sections of the stomach are removed. The remaining part of the stomach is then connected to the final segment of the small intestine. This way a large part of the small intestines. There is only a channel remaining in which bile and pancreatic juice enter the colon. A lot of calories and nutrients enter the colon without being absorbed by the body. 

 Recovery time: The recovery time for this procedure is 2-4 weeks.

 Success rate: Since this is a relatively new procedure, the success rate for it is not ascertained yet.

 Cost: 15000 – 25000 American Dollars is the cost of this procedure.


 Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

 The size of your stomach is reduced in this procedure by stapling off the upper section of the stomach. The stomach pouch that can receive food is then connected directly to a part of the small intestine called Roux Limb. This forms the shape of the letter ‘Y’. The amount of food you eat is significantly reduced and the calories and nutrients in your food are not absorbed either. 

 Recovery time: Hospital stay is 2-3 days and the patient can return to normal activity in 2-3 weeks.

 Success rate: This procedure has a success rate of over 85%

 Cost: The cost of this surgery is anywhere between 15000 – 30000 dollars depending on the severity of the case.

 Duodenal Switch Surgery

 This procedure incorporates sleeve gastrectomy and intestinal bypass. A large portion of the stomach is surgically removed to form the sleeve and this sleeve is then attached to the lower part of the small intestine, bypassing a large section. This way the amount of food eaten and the calories absorbed are both reduced drastically. 

 Recovery time: Return to work is 2 weeks, it takes up to 6 weeks to return to normal activities.

 Success rate: the success rate for this surgery is 92%

 Cost: the cost of this surgery ranges between 20000-30000 dollars.

These are the options when it comes to bariatric surgery. It is important to do proper research and weigh the pros and cons before opting for any weight-loss surgery.

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